Breaking down our models into collection modules makes finding your style as easy as a walk in the park! Everything you need organised clearly on one page according to styles. The quick and easy way for you to find your SOFA!


The collection for the young and the young at heart!

urbanstyle – snazzy furniture for the young and the young at heart. For those furnishing their home for the second time around, or wanting to directly invest in their own – very individualised – flat ... In the blink of an eye a dream comes true!

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    boom danze mood loop lazy taboo maXx tabtwoo


    Sofas combined with fashion! Always in trend.

    Is that certain something missing? That unique piece that reflects your personality within your home? Come along with us and discover furnishing variations on the following pages that reflect the spirit of the times. These are gathered under the name "sofashion".

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      boow miraa buddy amore treasure enjoy taoo joyzze joyzze plus miles brooklyn fuzion


      New cozy seating comfort that you can not only feel but also see.

      A new seating comfort is conquering the German market: Customers want to sit "in" and not "on" their sofas and enjoy softness. W.SCHILLIG has the answer! With an extraordinary cozy seating comfort and an inviting appearance the user has all the benefits that are needed. Here, W.SCHILLIG is one step ahead. The 10 years of fabric upholstery experience on the American market is now flowing into the European collection.

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        travis escape william cocoon


        A classical timeless sofa progamme, that never goes out of fashion.

        A modern atmosphere is the ideal environment for this timeless and classically formed sofa programme. Seating comfort is inclusive. Always in trend.

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          salt curry pepper cazino prinzess relaxx lazloo pazzion finezze

          Modular Living

          Sectional series: A fitting solution for every room.

          Nobody is like the other, and the same goes for your home. Where shall those missing 50 cm come from when your room doesn’t have them to spare? modular living is the right answer: With high flexibility and a variety of custom-made elements, your furniture will fit together like the pieces of a puzzle.

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            aleXx magiXx joker /plus matrixx


            Functional and ergonomic furniture for relaxing hours at home.

            ergoline by W.SCHILLIG is an exclusive functional furniture series. Enjoy individual comfort whenever you desire and relax without compromise. Just lean back until you reach your favourite position and start dreaming. The comfortable adjustable seat/backrest makes it possible! Want to put your feet up? No problem! The integrated footrest (optional) allows adjusting to your personal relaxing position. And when not in use, it hides away underneath your seat.

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              ergoline plus ergoline plus ergoline ergoline


              Relax ergonomically!

              This collection presents an outstanding seating comfort in an attractive design. For all who want to chill in an easy way: Take a seat, make yourself comfortable in the position you like and let the spirit flow...

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                pan apollon kronos jupiter hermes


                Set accents with our accessories such as single armchairs, cushions, ottomans ...

                With a wide selection of single armchairs and loungers, as well as ottomans, cushions and accessories, W.SCHILLIG supports the desire for spontaneity. They are the "icing on the cake", turning your home into an individual highlight.

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                  jill jill² woow maXxim cosmo portabella havana TIMEout TIMEout TIMEout TIMEout TIMEout TIMEout TIMEout algarve basic basic escape amore enjoy taoo taboo taboo cocoon lazy


                  "Additional" but definitely not "marginal" – accessories for the everyday life

                  "Additional" but definitely not "marginal" – accessories that make everyday life easier and add an accent or two to your home: the pillows and trays from W.SCHILLIG.

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